Sex positions to try with your Christian Grey if you love Fifty Shades movie

Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie that entails lust turned out to love theories. Many people captured this movie and it entirely hits the whole world of cinema. A lust-fuelled and a sensual type of movie justify the details of the story. It shows different sex toys and dramas that Christian Grey is proud for it can call his own. It’s somehow tricky yet sensual foreplay in the bedroom. Different twist and turns can be called as a skilful technique that makes a man cum even more and a woman to unleash more orgasm during sex.

Moreover, it is time to add spice to your own play room. Bring out the goddess in you that made the most orgasmic blow up in you. Positions and play during sex have been essential to lovers in bed. Grey shows different moves during their scene of Ana Steele in the Play Room. Here are some positions that you can explore as you hit the warm between the sheets.

Grey’s Position for Orgasmic Blow Up

  • Spread Eagle this position is considered as one of the most favourite tricky positions of Grey. As you blindfold your partner, so she will not be able to see what you are about to do. This type of position is ideal for discipline play. It is called Spread Eagle because the position of the arms are spread out and wrists that are tied up on the side of the bed. It is important to leave a space so that you can fit one finger on the person’s body. Legs are also wide open for the easy access towards her.

  • Spanking has been their favourite teasing play or should I say a starter for their sensual activity. So one of the best positions that lay out the interest and easy access of teasing each other is the Bent Over Position. The BOP from the word itself “bent” so your partner should bend over the bed, soft spanks are heating up the bed either with the hand or by using a paddle. Communication is a must during the scene. Act of moaning or telling them how it feels made the doer satisfaction higher and pushing them even more to make you moan louder. Experimentation during sex is good.

  • The next position is by pulling them in against the wall. It can be done in the house, elevator or even inside the bathroom. Pulling her against the wall and start kissing each other is another trick of Grey in the film. Grasping each other’s breathing in an upright position. Let someone to take in control by pinning their arms above their head. You can have all access to your partner’s body even during the shower, doing it on the counter of in a missionary position. Kissing hardly, grasping air, moaning, licking the neck going down to her breast and so on. This is easy upright positions that make the libido active if it’s done in a most satisfying way.

It is just a few challenging sex positions that Christian Grey taught the viewer of the movie. Submissive and dominant partners were seen here. During sex, acting will always be the essential part of it.


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