6 Foods That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Are you frustrated because you can’t do better in the bedroom? Or annoyed because you can’t stay longer doing the deed? Perhaps, it is not about your libido. It is about what you ingest. While workout and stress can significantly affect your sex drive, foods still play a big role in your sexy times.

Here are some foods you need to stop eating because it will ruin your sex performance and desire:

  1. Canned goods

Ditch eating canned goods as they contain BPA, a certain chemical which can cause different sexual problems. In a research published by Human Reproduction, it has been documented that males exposed to BPA have the lower overall satisfaction and sex drives.

  1. Dairy products

If you want to get busy later between the sheets, stay away from dairy products such as cheese and ice cream.  They have lactic acid which can crush libido levels as per Fitness Magazine. Cow-derived products come with artificial hormones, replacing our natural hormone production. On the other hand, calcium can improve our sex life, thus, it’s advisable to get them elsewhere like fortified milk.

  1. Refined carbohydrate

Refined carbohydrates such as snack foods, cereals, pastas and breads can also affect your sex drive. According to Men’s Fitness, eating a large amount of it can cause a reduction in your testosterone level. The sugar from the carbohydrate could increase estrogen level and weight once testosterone level depleted. For alternatives, buy whole grains and vegetables.

  1. Fried foods

You’ll surely suffer from erectile dysfunction or poor sex performance if you are fond of eating greasy foods. If you weren’t aware, trans fat or unsaturated fat which surrounds the fried food minimizes the libido dramatically – both in men and women. Furthermore, Medical Daily stated that ingesting these types of fatty acids may also cause irregular sperm production as well hinder female gestation. So, encourage now your partner to skip eating fried foods.

  1. Soy

It won’t harm men if they add a bit of soy into their diet since it has estrogenic properties. However, eating lots of soy can definitely destroy your libido count. Based on research, it figured out that large quantities of soy sauce, tofu, soy milk or other products with soy can reduce your sperm count and testosterone level. In addition to that, a study also revealed that 120 milligrams of it every day could result in negative effects in sex life. Hence, always monitor your soy intake or else, you’ll experience trouble getting up your little buddy down there and keeping it up.

  1. Sweets

Have you heard about ‘sugar crash’? If so, you don’t want this to happen once your lust comes in. Once sweets let your blood sugar level to increase, your blood sugar and energy will dramatically drop, causing food cravings, fatigue and brain fog.

Avoid sexual health issues like erectile dysfunction, infertility and lackluster libido through ticking out these unnecessary foods from your menu. Instead, add leafy green veggies or other good alternatives on your list.

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