Secrets & Facts About The Porn Industry

Secrets & Facts About The Porn Industry

Porn and sex are two words many people shy away from talking about unless they have to. Yet the truth is that both of them are very important in our lives. Although most don’t admit it, they watch some type of porn at one time or another. As far as sex is concerned, that is something mostly everyone does as well. The reality is that sex sells and it is why the porn industry is one of the most lucrative in the world. Whether people realize it or not, a large number of folks work in the adult sector.

Because of the widespread use of the internet, the porn industry has grown even more the past decade. But, just like everything else, it is full of secrets and interesting facts most are not aware of. These secrets and facts about the porn industry will probably shock or surprise you.

Most Orgasms Are Fake

Users spend a crazy amount of time watching cum shot gifs, videos and sex pics of people having sex and climaxing. After all, orgasm are what sex and great porn are all about. Still, in the porn world, most of those orgasms you see and hear are not real. Remember that although you may think it’s true, to the actors it is just a job.

Pornography Is Watched Ritually On The Web

Believe it or not, over 29,000 users watch porn on the web every second that ticks by. The numbers are staggering when you think about it. By the time you finish reading this sentence, more than 200,000 individuals will have watched some type of porn online.

Porn Jobs Are Not Believable

Those that work in the porn industry have a hard time getting people to believe them. The majority tell someone they know and most often, they think the person is lying or making it up. Some of the individuals who work in the porn world make up crazy jobs to say that is what they work in. And they have a better chance of others believing them.

A Great Deal Of Porn Stars Are Bored

For those who watch porn, there is very little chance they get bored watching it. However, most of the adult world stars often complained about getting bored after a while. Many of them end up getting a second job to keep themselves entertained.

PornHub Proves Porn Is Popular

Most people who view porn don’t boast about their habits. But chances are there are several of those around you – including yourself – who watch porn. According to statistics, more than 2.1 million visitors check out PornHub each hour. That is amazing stats for a site where people are looking at porn pics, sex videos and animated porn GIFS images.

The Squirting Is Fake

The cumshot animated porn gifs images are some of the most popular in the porn world. Users love to see men and women jizz and drop their loads of cum. But the reality is that just like orgasm, the squirting in the porn movies is fake. While not all of it is, the vast majority is though.

Porn Searches On Mobile Devices

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere you look. And one out of every five person on a mobile device searches for porn on it. That is according to Google research statistics. Next time you see someone on their mobile device, chances are they are checking out some porn pics or adult material.

Porn Involves Tons Of Paperwork

Although we never get to see it, there’s tons of paperwork involved in a pornography movie. Whether they are the legal papers proving the ages of the actors or other contracts. Just like any other type of job out, there is a huge amount of paperwork attached to porn material.

Female Porn Stars Sell Their Panties

Hot female porn stars make money selling their underwear online to users all over. In the porn industry, this is completely normal and a great w ay for them to earn extra cash.

Porn Industry Is Very Lucrative

The adult film industry makes tons of money. Some people are not truly aware of just how much until a comparison is made. The NFL, NBA and MLB combined do not make as much as the porn industry does each year. That is an astounding number to digest when you really think about it.

Most Actors On The Set Get Cold

Trying to stay in the mood when you are cold and freezing can be challenging. But according to many adult pornography actors, the sets are typically very cold. Since heaters tend to make too much noise, they are not allowed to use them. In turn, as they wait for the next shot to be filmed, things get frigid. Especially when the actors are waiting around butt naked.

Women Watch Porn Too

There are some big misconceptions when it comes to who watches porn pics, sex GIFS and adult videos. Most people think that only men spend all of their time watching porn. However, statistics show that females make up more than one third of porn viewers.

STI Tests Are Done Regularly

With all the sex going on in adult films and no protection, the chances for stds are very high. It is why most production companies in the adult industry require the actors to have STI tests done regularly.